TeleMeetUp at Digital Front Door

The best way to receive & conduct business with Visitors & Clients at your webpage by Virtual Interaction with MRESENCE and AUTOMATION

with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine-Learning (ML)-informed and Speech-enabled Conversational Chatbot complete with Automatic Language Translation in Real Time

Fastest, Most Powerful & Convenient Service Facility to Digitally Transform any business & to improve Efficacy, Efficiency of Work Operation & Customer Satisfaction




What is

  • Cloud-based at-scale mobile digital service platform offering conveniently and instantly consumable business services online as a Widget that is easily installable on any webpage

  • “TeleMeetUp at Digital Front Door” caters to the business efficiently and digitally as on demand pay-per-use service

  • A speech-enabled, AI&ML-informed Conversational Chatbot integrated with virtual interaction video conference and other features of Presence in Mixed Reality

Full presentation on TMUDFD


Internet availability is becoming universal. The adoption of mobile digital devices such as smartphones and tablets and laptops is in the billions and fast becoming ubiquitous worldwide. The World Wide Web is the underpinning of daily living.

The corollary therefore is that the promotion, propagation, distribution and provision of notions, goods and services to the masses should be made through the webpages of the endeavor.

In a world of COVID Crisis where social distancing and shelter-in-place are required or mandated, digital interactions and communication are essential means of living. The webpage is your Digital Front Door where you encounter your visitors and clients.

You need TMUDFD which is “TeleMeetUp at Digital Front Door” to conduct your business – whatever it may be – in the best way possible.


TeleMeetUp (TMU) and TMUDFD (TeleMeetUp at Digital Front Door) together is an online facility that lends itself to virtually unlimited aspiration as to usefulness through integration with external software packages through the use of Connectors of Automation Platform and Middleware such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for a wide range of applications and use cases in all commerce and industry space.


The full functionality of TMUDFD widget is available for integration with other software / service facility through integration. We are particularly skilled in providing TMUDFD-based services that cater to needs of government departments of countries and institution and humanitarian organizations.

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We offer customized version of TMUDFD specially configured to meet the requirement of a service provider of any kind of business for catering to the business' clientele in a business model of comprehensive managed services. The service provider needs not have technicians on staff to be able to take advantage of TMUDFD service facility.

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We cooperate with representatives, sales agents, consultants and facilitators who can help with promoting and propagating TMUDFD as a service facility. It can be financially a very rewarding cooperation for you.

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